Abass ToriolaMy name is Abass Toriola. I’m a seasoned freelance writer and SEO strategist, and my business is to help bloggers and entrepreneurs grow their businesses and increase their income – considerably.

I write this blog with the aim of helping you realize how you can use the power of valuable and engaging words (and other simple factors that matter) to convince your audience to buy what you offer.

Simply put, I write quality, valuable, and persuasive content that will engage any audience, improve any business or brand, and enhance sales and income. If you’d like see my writing samples, click here.

You see, everyone in business has one major concern – and that’s to grow their business and rake in more income from increased sales. I’m sure that’s what you want, too. And I’m ready to help you achieve your dream.

Yes, I can help you convince your audience to buy what you’re selling. I know your dream is to attract not just an audience, but one that will regularly do business with you. Let me help you actualize that dream.

So, you no longer have to worry about how to reach your audience or convince them to take action. I’ll do that for you – in three steps:

  1. I get to know you and your business
  2. I study your audience and what they expect from you
  3. I help you give your audience what they want from you, in the exact way they want it

For your information, I’ve written – and I’m still writing – content for numerous clients, among whom are successful entrepreneurs, bloggers, and marketers. Work with me, and you’ll join the long – and growing – list of my happy clients.

I can write on different topics, in different tones and styles, to different audiences, and for different purposes. Yet I achieve the same great, positive results in all cases.

So, if you’re sure I would be of help to you, contact me, and let’s discuss. You’re not sure yet? Then check out the list of services I offer.

A brief about My Background

I bagged a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry in 2010, and I started my freelance writing career in August 2011. Till date, I’ve gained much experience, having written over 700 articles, reports, ebooks, essays, cover letters, and sales copies for clients all over the world. I’ve also worked with, and learned from, top-notch writers, bloggers, and editors. They include:

And many others.

I’m very sure you must have come across these big names – or some of them, at least.

I’m also a blogger in the health and wellness niche. Click here to check out my health blog.

My location?

I live in South Western Nigeria, but courtesy of the internet, I can be with you wherever you are, whenever you need me. Similarly, I’ve been – and I’m still – at the service of clients in the U.S., Australia, Canada, India, Israel, and the U.K.

I’m very good at communication; you can hook up with me on many communication platforms – email, Skype, Gtalk, phone…name it. So, working with you while geographically remote will be absolutely splendid.

What next?

Want to hire or contact me? Click here.

You can continue to engage with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn.

“I am very pleased with my collaboration with Abass and I warmly recommend his work to everyone interested in good quality writing. His communication skills are brilliant and his work is professional. Abass paid attention to all my requests and made efforts to follow all my instructions to the letter. His great English skills and the originality of his work have convinced me to use his services again in the near future! Thank you Abass!” 

– Ana Maria Popescu, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.

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  1. Abass… I am a writer(not professional) I wish to learn from you and become like you….. you have been my role model ….please don’t turn me down, thanks.

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