The Cons of Content Marketing and Why They Really Don’t Matter

I’m an advocate of content marketing. A staunch one for that matter. I know how it works, and I know the strategies that make it work. I also know how powerful and effective it could be in increasing brand awareness, leads, and sales. Little wonder, I chose to blog about it.

Even though I’m always very eager to show anyone that content marketing is a proven game changer, I’d honestly admit that it has its own cons, just like any other magical strategy.

cons of content marketing

Yes, there are some bitter truths (three, majorly) about content marketing that can discourage anyone — even you — from opting for it. And I’ll be sharing them with you in this post.

So, let’s get started…

1. Content Marketing Isn’t Easy

To run a successful content marketing campaign, you’ll need a great deal of diligence and organization. And you must find the right (qualified) people to invest in — seasoned writers, video creators, and other experts.

The amount of success you’ll get from content marketing hinges largely on how much you put into it — in terms of time, effort, planning, funds, and whatnot.

2. Content marketing is expensive

Creating an impactful content marketing campaign requires that you financially invest in people and tools that can help drive your content to reach, attract, and convince your prospects.

The word “people” doesn’t just mean content writers and video creators — it also means social media and community managers, online reputation managers, sales representatives, etc.

Only when you have enough to spend can you venture into content marketing. In fact, most businesses that are using content marketing for lead generation always have a fraction of their budget set aside for this strategy. For some businesses, this budget can be up to 5 or 6 figures monthly.

3. Content marketing doesn’t yield quick results

Because content marketing is majorly aimed at building trust among prospects, it doesn’t yield results quickly. (Of course, you can’t trust someone overnight. So, never expect prospects to trust your business very quickly.)

To ensure a successful campaign, you must play by the rules, and allow enough time for the strategy to have a fair chance to succeed.

If you’re desperately looking for a marketing strategy that will start generating leads and sales at the very moment it’s rolled out, then content marketing isn’t for you.

Now, let’s discuss further…

You’ve just discovered the bitter side of content marketing. I’m sure you’re now thinking, “So, it’s not as glamorous as people claim.”

Well, you’re right. Content marketing isn’t as glamorous as those who found success with it proclaim. But the truth is, these cons are nothing but challenges. They’re not genuine reasons for you to ditch the idea of content marketing — looking at the benefits you’ll get to enjoy in the end.

Ok, let me remind you of the benefits of content marketing:

  • You’ll evoke an emotional response from your audience (only if you produce meaningful, relevant content).
  • You’ll boost your chances of going viral
  • You’ll become an expert and a reliable source of information about your business

And the ultimate result is significant business growth — an exponential one. (I’m sure you want this.)

Also, don’t forget that the results of content marketing are long-term and your budget will reduce drastically when they these results come.

Would you now agree with me that the cons of content marketing aren’t enough to discourage you from adopting it? You should — especially if you have a keen eye for long-term success.

Be convinced at this point that content marketing is a proven strategy that will work for your business, provided you do it right. The success you’ll achieve in the end will be well worth the funds, efforts, and patience invested.

For your information, I’m a content marketing strategist and expert freelance writer. Hire me now, and I’ll help you create quality content that will drive more customers to your business.

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