How to Use Weibo to Market Your Company

Weibo Marketing – How to Get Started With This Viral Marketing Strategy! Weibo, once heralded as the absolute last social networking platform in China, has since become eclipsed by the rapid growth of Toutiao and Weibo plus the rising popularity of Weibo chat. It’s true that very seldom hear much about Weibo marketing these days, but it’s actually the second most popular online social networking platform in China right now.

The great thing about Weibo however is its huge community. Users of this platform are typically younger, more tech-savvy Chinese, who use Weibo to network socially and discuss topical topics. It’s a perfect place for you to market your business, if you can use it to promote your brand and make your campaign truly viral. You don’t need to worry about any particular market being under-served – the sheer number of people who sign up everyday for Weibo accounts speaks for itself. In fact, with just one click, it will be easy for you to sign up for thousands of fan pages and get instant access to their millions of fans.

However, because of the fast-growing popularity of Toutiao and Weibo, marketers are rushing to Weibo in order to launch their campaigns. This is unfortunate. While Weibo has some good advantages (more engagement), it’s also fairly susceptible to some pretty heavy-hitting DDoS attacks that can take down your Weibo accounts for good. The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to mitigate these risks. Below are some Weibo Marketing Tips for the most-successful campaigns on Weibo:

Engage Users on Your Account – One of the easiest ways to attract new users to your account is by answering questions and posting useful answers to trending questions. This is especially helpful since more people are using Weibo than ever before to search for information or simply to have conversations on any given topic. It’s a great way to draw them into your marketing campaign, as well, as many users will likely start browsing the trending topics before joining your account. And since you have instant access to your users’ messages, you can respond to their queries, make follow-ups on their questions, and even use this as an opportunity to promote your product. Just be careful not to make any sales-related posts in your answers, as this violation of marketing policy can lead to your account being permanently deleted from Weibo.

Make Your Presence Known on Social Networking Platforms – If you want your Weibo Marketing efforts to go viral, getting your account onto China’s most popular social networking platform is key. One thing to remember with using Weibo as a marketing tool is that the system is more open to viral marketing than other platforms are. Because it allows so many user generated suggestions, there is a greater chance that your Weibo Marketing post will reach a wide audience. Be sure to use the proper tagging strategy when making these posts to ensure you are reaching the right people. Some advice suggests that you tag users that are following your brand as well as the brand itself and avoid using the tags of your competitors.

As more Chinese internet users use Weibo as their main form of communication, your company’s profile should also make it easy for your audience to find you on Weibo. Remember that even if your Weibo page isn’t high on the list of most searches, the internet user is still going to see your profile. Therefore, when designing your Weibo page, keep in mind that these two things will help increase its popularity in the Chinese social networking scene.

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