Podcast Marketing Tactics That Work

Podcast Marketing is nothing but the act of promoting yourself, your goods or your service through the production and distribution of audio online content. In essence, you share free audio online content with ideally influencing them in such a manner that would ultimately sell your goods or services to end users. The process is not difficult. But it requires considerable amount of time, energy, passion, determination and hard work.

Podcast Marketing

The foremost challenge is to identify an ideal and targeted audience. Without an audience, it becomes difficult to get started with Podcast Marketing. Podcast audience varies from one user to another. Hence, it becomes imperative that you identify the right target segment and strategy accordingly.

In general, Podcast Marketing is divided into two main tactics – the Pay Per Podcast approach and the Free Podcast Approach. The former pays you only after users purchase your podcasts, while the latter provides a free space for you to create and publish your episodes. As an entrepreneur, you need to identify which category of people you should cater to. Generally, the people who can benefit from Podcast Marketing are those who regularly listen to pod casts and share valuable information and entertainment. Hence, you need to focus on such people.

The next step in Podcast Marketing is to create compelling podcast episode, which is attractive enough to catch the attention of users and convince them to buy your product or service. A crucial aspect of Podcast Marketing is your podcast SEO strategy, which is vital to drive targeted traffic to your site. Podcast SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the art of optimizing audio files for high search engine rankings. Podcast SEO is not as simple as just tweaking your website or making huge number of episodes; rather you need to use several effective podcast SEO techniques to ensure that your audio file gets significant visibility in various search engines like iTunes, Google Play, Yahoo, and other podcast directories.

The third and most important tactic in Podcast Marketing is creating and publishing video podcasts, commonly known as vlogs. Video vlogs are a great way to make a positive influence on your audience. Podcast Marketing by using video podcasts, enables you to engage with your audience and give them a personalised experience. As a result, they become more engaged with your brand and eventually recommend your product to others.

The fourth most popular tactic in podcast marketing is the audio interview. An audio interview is a unique opportunity to showcase your expertise and communicate your message in a unique way. You can do an interview with an industry expert or talk to experts in other related industries. When doing an interview, it’s important that you provide relevant answers to the questions asked by your interviewee and at the same time, make your customer happy by showing some sense of humour. Keep the content beneficial to your customer base and never resort to asking customers to pay for the privilege of an audio interview.

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