Digital Marketing Trends

Online Marketing is the process of leveraging internet-based channels to share a message about a business s brand, services, or products with its potential clients. The various methods and techniques used in online marketing employ email, social networking, banner advertising, search engine marketing, Google AdWords, and more. These techniques can be used to create brand awareness, which can then lead to increased sales. Branding allows you to differentiate your brand from those of your competitors.

Email marketing strategy has been proven to be very effective in brand awareness creation. This is due to the fact that people tend to remember when they receive a communication from a trusted source, as opposed to an advertisement or promotional broadcast. When recipients open these emails, they are more likely to think of the brand name or logo. For example, when recipients open an email promoting baby gifts, baby items, and other baby-related products, they are more likely to link back to the brand name of the company they received the email for. To take advantage of this, when you email your customers, make sure that you provide them with links that take them back to your company’s website.

Social media campaigns have been proven to be very effective in brand building. Brands using social media in their online marketing strategy should ensure that they interact with their fans and followers on a regular basis. This interaction fosters brand loyalty and provides for a sense of trust among followers. Companies may also decide to include blog posts or podcasts in their online marketing strategy, as these are also mediums through which followers can connect with each other.

SEO is another popular method of brand awareness creation. SEO campaigns can be executed both on and off site. On site SEO is the process of optimizing pages through keyword density, title tags, meta tags, and the internal linking structure of the site. These methods can be very beneficial to a brand. Off site SEO is the process of optimizing an individual web page such as a blog or a website through link building and search engine submission. Link building and SEO campaigns can prove to be highly beneficial when executed effectively.

There are many digital marketing channels that companies can choose from to promote their brands. Social media and SEO are two of the most effective and popular channels. Other digital marketing channels include pay per click advertising, co-creation opportunities, and viral marketing. The success of any campaign largely depends on how well a brand is marketed through the various channels available to their target audience.

Many companies believe that online marketing is solely a technique used to gain an inbound connection to their target audience. However, by creating user friendly social media platforms, businesses can reach out to their target audience. Examples include Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Other successful brands have included businesses like Dunkin Donuts and The Cheesecake Factory. By using these proven and popular platforms, a brand can easily connect to their target audience.

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