10 Reasons Why Content Marketing Trumps Paid Advertising

According to a survey conducted by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 9 out of 10 organizations are now using content marketing as a lead generation strategy.

According to the 2013 marketing trends report by Hubspot, outbound marketing (which refers to all forms of paid advertising) has lost traction. This method of marketing is now only 2% effective in generating leads.

From these statistics, we can rightfully conclude that content marketing is far more effective for business and brand growth than paid advertising. And this post will convince you to accept that fact – not just with the stats, but with reasons, too.


Here are 10 reasons why content marketing is now widely preferred (over paid advertising) as an online marketing strategy:

1. Content marketing offers value

With content marketing, even if people don’t buy from you at first, they’ll keep consuming your content – voluntarily. Eventually, they’ll get convinced enough to buy what you’re selling. And that’s because content marketing offers valuable information that is tailored to their needs.

But because advertising offers no value, people often ignore them or hit the “close” button to get them out of sight.

2. Content marketing builds trust

When you offer informative and valuable content for free, your audience will trust you and deem you an expert in your line of business. They’ll even permit you to market your products and services to them, while offering them more value. (This is permission marketing.)

Advertising, on the other hand, does not build trust. As of present, not even a 100-meter long sales page can convince most readers to buy your product.

3. Content marketing makes customers feel indebted

When you offer valuable content for free, there’ll come a point when your customers start to think of reciprocating the value you’ve offered them.

At this point, customers feel indebted to you. In other words, they’ll feel compelled to buy from you, as a way of paying you back for all the quality content you’ve offered.

4. Content marketing educates customers about your products or services

Many times, people don’t buy a product or service simply because they don’t know how valuable it is or how badly they need it.

Customers may not buy your product, not because they don’t need it, but because they don’t know how it works or how it can benefit them.

But content marketing (through blog posts, YouTube videos, etc.) will help you generate more sales by enlightening customers about your products or services and how these can solve their problems.

5. Content marketing creates viral publications

If you look at what people are sharing on social media, you’ll see either of two things: informative content or entertaining content. Both are content, anyway. And only content marketing creates both – in the form of videos, blog posts, infographics, etc.

Now, let me ask you a question: have you ever seen an ad go viral on social media? I know your answer already. It’s a big NO.

6. Content marketing attracts customers for free

Let’s assume that you’re running a Google Adwords campaign, and you’re paying $1.20 per click. After getting 500 potential customers to click on your ads, you’d have spent $600. And the bitter truth is, most of these “clickers” may end up not buying your product. That’s sad, isn’t it?

On the flipside, however, content is published once, but it can continue to attract customers – for free. And this can go on for years.

So, content is always an asset while advertising sums up to become a huge expense.

7. Content marketing is highly targeted

Though reaching a large audience is one of the goals of any marketing campaign, reaching a targeted audience is a far more important goal, and it is what brings results.

With a large audience, more people will know about you (but they may not buy from you after all). But a highly targeted audience means that a greater fraction of your audience are most likely going to become customers.

With content marketing, you’ll develop content that’s addressed specifically at your customers. This way, you’ll reach a highly targeted audience.

Most times, advertising reaches a large audience but not a targeted one.

8. Content marketing boosts traffic

By uploading entertaining or educative videos or podcasts, and by guest posting on authority blogs, you’ll generate more traffic on your website or blog. These, of course, are content marketing strategies.

Everyone who finds your video, podcast or guest post valuable or refreshing would be compelled to follow the link to your website. This way, you’ll generate lots of free traffic.

9. Content marketing helps SEO

When you publish high quality content, you’ll attract tons of backlinks – spontaneously. Remember, backlinks are crucial to SEO; the more of them you have, the higher your search engine rankings.

Also, content marketing prompts you to publish fresh content regularly. This increases the number of your website’s pages that are indexed in Google (which, of course, is another factor that determines your rankings).

So, content marketing can help spur your website to the top spots in search engine listings. But advertising can’t.

10. Content marketing facilitates communication with your audience

When you offer informative content, your audience will have reasons to communicate with you. They’ll commend you for your content, ask questions for clarification, and share their helpful opinions and suggestions with you.

So, content marketing motivates your audience to interact with you. But advertising doesn’t.

Now, take action!

I’m sure you’re now sold – if not before now – on the benefits of content marketing and why it trumps paid advertising. So, launch your content marketing campaign now – for increased traffic, more leads, and more sales.

How and when are you planning to launch your content marketing campaign? Or have you already launched yours? Let me have your response in the comments section.

PS. If you’re having problems with launching your content marketing strategy or with generating quality content, I’m more than eager to help you. Click here to contact me now.

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